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He who laughs last …

mindset productivity Feb 01, 2018

"Great new ideas are ridiculed at first, then resisted, then admired, and lastly applied by all." 

I have to keep thinking of that old wisdom when it comes to new technologies and approaches. 

"Siri? I tried it and it did not understand my question. Forget it!" 

"iPhone? It’s only an extended MP3 player. Business people will never use that! " 

"Online Language Translation by Google? That's just nonsense! " 

Stop! Do you notice something? Yesterday I had a complete presentation translated by Google online from German into English (for free by the way). The result: 95% correct and meaningful content, even with content that is not easy to interpret. It needed the odd improvement here and there, but that's it. Fast and cheap. When did you last try it? 

Watch out, and beware of premature judgments. Just because something did not work a year ago, does not mean that it still does not work now.

My questions to you: 

  1. What are your (hidden) pre-judgments, your ingrained mindset, your belief that everything must always be as you have known it?
  2. What didn’t you try for a while because it did not work at one point?
  3. When was the last time you left your comfort zone to feel what you are capable of achieving, even though you never believed it?

Get going and make 2018 outstanding! The world needs you! 

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