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Forget discipline!

mindset productivity Feb 15, 2018

Forget discipline (at least in the way most people understand it)! 

Discipline is an important element for any success. However, as most people understand it, it is not enough to ensure lasting success. 

It helps to imagine that discipline has three levels. The most successful individuals and companies are disciplined in all three levels, the average only in the first. 

The good news: you can work your way up the ladder. For outstanding success, you even SHOULD. 

Level 1: Task discipline. You have the discipline to carry out planned actions and comply with agreements. In other words, you and others can rely on you. 

Level 2: Growth Discipline. You consistently implement growth plans. This means you systematically develop your personality, invest a certain amount of time every day in your education and consciously change habits towards more success. 

Level 3: Success Discipline. You set goals for yourself (and your team) that are extremely challenging and commit yourself and others to success. In other words, you have the discipline to do everything it takes to achieve these goals and maximize success. 

Here is my estimated distribution among business people: Level 1: 50 percent, Level 2: 5 percent, Level 3: 1 percent 

Those at levels 2 and 3 are the ones we call "exceptions". It's also more comfortable if we're only on level 1! 

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To your success!

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