Final sprint!

leadership productivity Sep 02, 2020

You and your team are probably back from summer vacation, and you are getting up to full speed again, right? Just to remind you: September has started, and you have less than 4 months until the end of the year. You want to reach your goals (or have exceeded your previous year results), right? 

The problem is that many people, teams, and whole companies need far too long to get back on track.

And before they notice it, September and the third quarter are almost over. The same applies to the reaction after setbacks: speed counts! 

This is not an exaggeration: the problem of many people and teams is that they have far too long “switching times” between different states. The most successful people and organizations are extremely fast when pursuing new goals and responding to changes. 

Here are three techniques of “over-achievers” that you can apply today: 
  1. Invite your team (or even the entire company, physically or via video streaming) and make the big year-end goals clear. Emphasize the importance of these goals for everybody.
  2. Set the task for each team and each individual to set a great goal for each week that goes beyond the daily routine. Monday morning question: What will we achieve by Friday?
  3. Work on these special goals every day. As leaders, you ensure your entire team is working on these goals.

The point here is discipline. Many understand these points. Only a few execute them. These are the extraordinarily successful leaders. 

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