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Everything will be different tomorrow!

leadership mindset May 10, 2019

I'll tell you a secret: your whole life is just one big change. Nothing remains the same. Even not your body, as your cells are constantly renewing, just like your environment. What is not constantly renewing will die.

In other words: Change is the normal state. Stability is an illusion.

And yet we often pretend we can keep everything as it is. Where does that belief originate? We learn over years and decades - at school and work - that it is good to control the state of things.

Do you know what the most successful people do (as opposed to the average)? They control the change process instead of the current state.

The good news is that you can learn that process. But you have to 'get to grips' with your way of thinking.

Here is my micro-training program for you:
  1. Consciousness. Write down what has changed around you in the last 12 months, both small and big things. Often, we don't notice changes and think that everything stays the same. This is an illusion.
  2. Design. Write down what will be different at the end of this month compared to the beginning. What has changed? What have you achieved? What is new? You will sharpen your conscious creative mind instead of being driven by others with this information.
  3. Exercise. Make it a habit to do something new every day, even if it's just a little bit. Make change become normality - instead of living the same way every day.

Extra tip: Share this with your team and then share your experiences with me.

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