🥸 Do you want to get better? Seriously?

The question "Do you want to get better?" is, of course, a rhetorical one. After all, who doesn't want to? But what most overlook is that to get better in a sustainable way, you need a system.

That's exactly why, when it comes to certain things, after a short learning curve at the beginning, our skills keep us on a plateau from which we hardly improve. 

What we need to improve continuously and significantly is what psychology professor Anders Ericsson describes in his book Peak as "deliberate practice."

Here, however, I am concerned with something that lies even before that. Because the reason why we don't really peak, even if it would be absolutely beneficial for us, lies elsewhere. If you are aware of that, you can deal with it accordingly.

Here are the three powerful levers on how any person or team can become better than everyone else:
  1. Clear Necessity. Outstanding individuals have a powerful difference from average that makes them see working on themselves completely differently: For them, working on themselves is an absolute necessity that cannot be dismissed by anything. Most people lack this necessity from within. Instead, they wait until something from the outside creates the necessity. My tip: Make getting better at certain important subjects a must for yourself.
  2. Massive Action. If we really want to get significantly better, there is no way around it: We have to take massive action. A little is not enough. It has to be significantly more than average. My tip: Schedule at least 10, better yet 20 percent of your time to work on yourself. Very few people do that.
  3. Winning Habits. Your willpower is not enough if the change takes longer and the work on it becomes tedious. For example, the best athletes have a routine to work out. They don't think every morning, "Should I or shouldn't I go to practice today?" They just do it. In the same way, you have to make working on yourself a routine that you don't spend a lot of time thinking about. I see that in very few people.

If you apply these three tips from now on, you will gradually become much better than your environment, than your competitors and above all, than you were yesterday.

And beware: There is a reason why almost all top athletes and successful people in business have a sparring partner or coach by their side. Because applying these tips is anything but easy.

👉 So: If you seriously and sustainably want to become better (yourself or your team), then contact me with the keyword "Better". In a short conversation, we will find out if and how I can best support you with my experience.

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