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Delete these words from your life

leadership mindset Jul 04, 2019

I have often written about the importance of language for your success: The words and expressions you use repeatedly influence not only your own success but also your environment.

An example: If you constantly react with "yes but" to suggestions, you send your own brain in search of reasons not to look at the suggestion in the first place. And sure enough, you will find these reasons!

Besides these language patterns, there are also very simple words and incredibly widespread phrases and send a message that can hamper success:

  1. "Employees". If you want to have a winning team culture, i.e. more commitment, fun, and productivity, then you don't need people who are "employed". Or have you ever heard of "employees" in top-class sporting teams? What you need are "team members" who devote everything, have fun, and achieve results.
  2. I have no time.” We all have the same amount of time. So why is it then that some people get done massively more than the average? The truth is you always “have time”. The only question is if you use your time wisely. If you say you have “no time”, what you really mean is, “this is not my priority”.
  3. “We should do this.” Most of the time, the word “should” means nothing else, apart from “will not”. Stop using the words “should” and “could”. Instead, decide if you are committed to acting or not. And then state: “We will do this” or “we will not do this”. High-performing teams and leaders decide quickly and move on.

These are just a few examples. Remember: these seemingly unimportant expressions send signals to the subconscious mind, to yourself and to your team.

The constant use of strong words and phrases can already have a positive effect - and vice versa.

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