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Are you too slow?

The other day I was looking for accommodation on Airbnb, and I briefly enquired with several providers. One answered my query within 3 minutes. Also, my further questions were answered in a few minutes quickly, but exhaustively. My action: I booked the accommodation.

I mention this again and again in my sales training: Speed is more important than many other factors. Why is that? Well, in addition to the significant gain in time, the speed of the sales process shows me, as a prospect, what I can expect later as a paying customer: provide quick answers to my questions.

My recommendation: Check your company or team (or yourself) for speed and accelerate! Here are three steps:

  1. Mental work. Most people have not yet realized that speed is important in every customer interaction and the internal processes. Work on the mindset yourself and with your team: It's great to be fast. Period!
  2. Behaviors. If you are fast, you will not only be more successful, but you will also get things off the table. The motto is: "Look, decide, act." Eventually, you will have to deal with everything you put off anyway. So it's better to do it immediately or at least decide on the next step. This requires that you have done the mental work first (see step 1).
  3. Responsibility. In the team and the company, unclear responsibilities and processes often stand in the way. If everyone points to the other, nothing goes ahead. The solution (at least frequently): Train your staff (and yourself) to assume responsibility. Even if it's not entirely clear, get going! This is almost always better than when the important things (and this always includes interactions with customers) are left undone.

Well then, go and make speed your guideline for the future.

Also, it’s more fun! By the way: My 100 Day Success Challenge program is the perfect match. Click here for more information.

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