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Are you a victim or a creator?

leadership Sep 26, 2019

Do you create by yourself or are you the victim of other people' creations? It is impossible to do both at the same time!

If you see yourself as a victim of external circumstances, events or the decisions of others, you are giving up all responsibility and the possibility of exerting influence. 

Quiz question: where do you find the most victims today? Right, in social media. And unfortunately also in many companies. One of the main focuses of my work is to give people the courage to be creative (because we all had that as children).

The simple truth: You can shape something in any situation, even if it's just your attitude (as Viktor E. Frankl describes as a concentration camp inmate in his book "Man's search for meaning"). Most of us have significantly more creative possibilities than we think, often with immediate positive consequences.

Here are three concrete ideas on how you can strengthen your creative power and that of your team:
  1. Create goals. Every morning write down your three most important goals of the day as expected results. Most of us are victims because they do not know what they want to achieve every day.
  2. Create actions. If you work 80 percent of your time every day to achieve your goals, you have no time to be a victim. Most of us let ourselves be distracted far too quickly (Attention: meetings are often nothing but distractions!), so we are victims of the intentions of others. By the way, the press and other media are masters at educating their readers to become addicted victims.
  3. Shape reactions. Of course, there are unexpected situations that you cannot influence. The art is to always design your re-action and to do it quickly. You can always decide how you want to react. This reaction shaping can be trained.
The ability to create is an important element of winning teams. If you want to turn your team into one, contact me here.

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