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A huge problem


Yeah, I know that doesn't concern you. And yet you surely know people from your surroundings who have a huge problem with it. What am I talking about?


Sure, that’s not you! Or is it? Sometimes? Here's the truth: EVERYBODY is sometimes unreliable. Some rarely, some more often, others almost always (you can at least rely on their unreliability!) 

The problem is that unreliability massively reduces productivity and success. The most successful people are reliable. 

Reliability means that you keep ALL promises and inform others in advance of any necessary (!) changes. You may think it's very simple, and that everyone should be reliable. 

Well, I am always amazed that an estimated 50 percent of business people I know are regularly unreliable, with corresponding negative effects on performance. Examples

  1. Joining agreed telephone calls late or not at all
  2. Not sticking to project milestones
  3. Starting meetings late
  4. Not implementing strategies
  5. Not complying with agreed-upon standards (quality, behaviour etc.)
  6. Denying responsibility
  7. Not investing in personal growth

These are just a few examples. You know more.

The crucial message is this: Almost all teams and entire companies could easily increase their success by 25% (sales, profit, etc.) if all people were at least at 90 percent reliable.

It's pretty simple, isn't it? 

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