A brief history of time

productivity Oct 19, 2017

"A Brief History of Time": No, this is not Stephen W. Hawking's remarkable book (which is said to be the book with the greatest discrepancy between sales and reading), but something much simpler: 

Your time is limited, and you can not multiply it! 

What does this mean according to the laws of economics? Correct: Time is valuable. More valuable than anything else that we can multiply, like money, for instance. 

And here is the bummer: We have all the same amount of time available: exactly 24 hours a day. 

The only difference between the people and their success is what they put into this time to produce results. 

Now you may think: that's all very profane! And you’re right: It is! However, as in the book quoted at the outset, there is a huge discrepancy between understanding and implementation. So, here are some ideas about "time pirates" and "time wizards": 

Time pirates (they steal productive time): 

  • TV
  • Newspapers
  • Meetings
  • Internet
  • E-mail
  • Most phone calls
  • Working without goals
  • Many colleagues at work
  • Low mental energy
  • Distraction

Time Wizards (they increase productive time): 

  • Good books / audiobooks
  • Video and audio courses
  • Good seminars and workshops
  • Work on the topics that accelerate your growth
  • Talks with interesting people
  • Clear goals at the beginning of each day
  • High mental energy
  • Clear mission
  • Focus
  • Momentum

Please expand these lists according to your own experiences. Then, use 80% of your time with “time-increasing" activities. Simple, right? 

One more thing:

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