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3 steps for more influence as a leader

leadership Apr 22, 2021

I get asked all the time in my coaching programs and outside of them, "How can I increase my influence as a leader?" Or as a variation of that, "How can I get my people to do this or that?"

The question is more than legitimate because ultimately, leadership is nothing other than influence. Leadership without influence is inconceivable, and using influence always means leading.

Instead of covering the technical aspects of influence (we do that in other videos and in my coaching), here I address three important foundations that are often not considered enough.

Here are the 3 foundations that make more of a difference in your influence as a leader than many other things:
  1. Clarity. Clarity about who you want to influence with what and about your goals is essential, but often overlooked. I see leaders diminish their influence time and time again by not being completely clear on these fundamentals.
  2. Sensing the target group. You cannot effectively influence others until you know what is already influencing them at the moment. Messages that miss the current priorities of the target audience (i.e., your team) are unlikely to really get through.
  3. Call to Action. I find it exciting that the recipients of your message are often unclear what actions are expected next. Influence must trigger some form of change in their thinking and/or actions. If you forget this prompt, your attempt to influence will fall flat.

Once you're ready, let's talk about how you can increase your influence as a leader. Schedule a short conversation with me here.

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