Do you want to generate a great impact on a large number of people? Or do you want to train a group of people on a specific set of skills?

If your answer is yes, you should benefit from Volkmar's inspiring and content-laden workshops and keynote speeches.


Counterintuitive ideas and inspiration

The participants will get new ideas, inspiration and applicable tips first-hand from one of the leading experts on peak performance and business fitness.

The most important messages are transmitted through speeches and workshops. These channels are best for providing your target group with the envisioned inspiration, clarity, and call to action by avoiding any communication filters.

Are you looking for a keynote speaker and seminar leader who not only inspires, but also teaches praxis-proven and leading-edge business skills, rooted in a broad international experience and collaboration with organizations of diverse industries and sizes? A speaker who elicits the key aspects of topics and deconstructs complex issues to help you make progress on the achievement of your goals? If your answer is "yes," then this is for you!

Topics & Formats

Volkmar delivers keynotes and workshops that question conventional wisdom and inspire action on the following topics:
  • Corporate culture. How you implement a sustainable peak performance culture—and bypass the typical traps found along the way.
  • Enthusiasm. The true levers for passion and commitment of your employees—and why virtually no business leader addresses them effectively.
  • Strategies. How to develop business strategies that are fully executed—and make your employees passionately committed to them.
  • Customer focus. Why 90 percent of all organizations face problems with customer focus by all employees and on a daily basis—and which simple levers help overcome the obstacles.
  • Productivity. How each organization can increase productivity by 25 percent or more—and boost employee commitment at the same time.

All keynotes and workshops will be customized according to the goals and needs of the participants.

The delivery formats span from 30-minute speeches during management meetings and other events to 90-minute speeches at larger events to half-day, full-day, or more-day workshops. Languages: English and German.

When and how do you want to benefit from the workshops and keynotes?

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