Over the past few years, Volkmar Völzke has helped numerous companies of various sizes and industries to maximize their success.

Below you can find a selection of testimonials.


SELECTION OF CUSTOMERS (alphabetically):

  • Agathon AG
  • Airon AG
  • AllJets AG
  • Amadeus Germany GmbH
  • AP Dialog GmbH
  • Audi Canada Inc.
  • Balmer-Etienne AG
  • Baumann Federn AG
  • BRP European Distribution SA
  • Bruker AXS GmbH
  • Capital Dynamics AG
  • CSS Versicherung AG
  • Ernst Nachbur AG
  • ewl Energie Wasser Luzern Holding AG
  • ForumEPFL
  • G-ray Medical Sàrl
  • GIA Informatik AG
  • HDI AG
  • IGE Institut für geistiges Eigentum
  • Infraxis AG
  • konplan systemhaus ag
  • LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG
  • Medair
  • Notenstein La Roche Privatbank AG
  • Rising Tide Foundation
  • SAP AG
  • SCC Spouse Career Center
  • SCHNEEBERGER AG Lineartechnik
  • Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB
  • SITA OnAir
  • Stamfag AG
  • SWICA Krankenversicherung AG
  • Swisscom Health AG
  • Swissfeed AG
  • Valtronic Technologies (Suisse) SA
  • Ziegler Druck- und Verlags-AG


  • STRATEGY. Development and high-pace implementation of a clear strategy, largely supported by the staff
  • CULTURE. Transformation of the corporate culture toward a "winning team culture" with increased productivity and employee engagement
  • LEADERSHIP excellence
  • PRODUCTIVITY. Higher operational efficiency
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS. Greater customer proximity and more effective customer interaction
  • SALES. Systematic growth of sales success and thus revenue and profitability


“With Mr. Völzke from New Pace we have achieved more in two workshops than in the two years before without him.

— Roger Tacheron, former CEO, Ziegler Druck

"We worked with Volkmar Völzke for defining and implementing a new and powerful business strategy for Schneeberger, a company that operates in a highly competitive market. He not only guided us at a high pace through the process, but also ensured the active involvement of stakeholders from different parts of the organisation, provided us with great ideas and inspiration, and pushed us when needed to think differently and keep the momentum. I can recommend Volkmar to all business leaders who want to get to new success levels with their business and are not afraid to take action."

— Adrian Fuchser, President at Schneeberger AG Linertechnik

“As General Manager, I selected Volkmar Völzke for coaching one of my top managers to develop effectiveness as a leader. The goals included more effective delegation, better prioritization, reducing work hours and developing successors. Over a period of nine months, Mr Völzke not only achieved these goals with my manager, but also armed the manager with priceless tips and methods for further development after the coaching engagement had ended.

I highly recommend Mr Völzke as a professional coach to all business leaders who want to make a substantial leap in their leadership effectiveness within a short time.”

— Bernd Schulz, former General Manager at Amadeus Germany

“We worked together with Volkmar on Sales effectiveness project in 2017. My personal experience was extremely positive, due to Volkmar's great flexibility and ability to listen and match the client needs. Volkmar is one of rare professional consultants I met, who easily understood reel needs of individual and did not push general principles, instead kept focused on the really important key topics.

As he is an extremely optimistic person, always full of positive energy, it was a great pleasure to speak each time with him.
His ability to distinguish top priority challenges from important topics made a difference - for me personally I can confirm he managed to open new ways of over performing in sales, by finding my personal triggers and enforce them.

He is also a very easily approachable person, always available and highly efficient in communication.

I would recommend to all who are considering to work with Volkmar, to start with as open communication as possible, and to clearly express the expectations of collaboration, it should bring great results!”

— Mitja Hribar, General manager Hocoma Slovenia at Hocoma AG

“Volkmar lead and supported the Management Team to refine and focus our Vision and strategy around the core business activities. To align the organization he worked with the staff at all levels in the business to create “clear actionable items” which were cascaded throughout the company. The rollout was successful as the organization gave positive feedback as they understood the challenges facing the business and what needed to change. Volkmar has proven himself as a master at mustering resources around the vision and then translating it into a viable strategy down to clear individual deliverable. The organization has a very high regard for him, largely due to his profound expertise and dedication to success.”

— Ian Dawkins, former CEO at SITA OnAir

"Mr. Völzke has helped us sharpen our strategy and train our sales staff. As a quick thinker, he has seen through our business and its challenges surprisingly quickly. He challenged and questioned us from the very beginning and helped us to plan and carry out the necessary steps for a fundamental change.

In doing so, the concrete implementation has always been of great importance to him. The result was a very clear and focused strategy and employees (in particular managers) with many new ideas.

If you want to be confirmed and do not want to change too much, you should not cooperate with Mr Völzke. If you are willing to let yourself be questioned and challenged, I can highly recommend him."

— Alban Fischer, Head of Patent Devision & Vice President, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property IPI

"Infraxis has been working with Volkmar Voelzke for approximately 18 months, during which time he has coached me personally and helped develop our leadership team with great results. With his professional and practical methods, Volkmar pushed us to be more effective in our daily approach to business and this has truly changed our mindset.

Within a few workshops we were able to realign our corporate behaviour with our strategy and goals, which highly motivated the entire company as each member of staff felt the change. Reflecting back on where we were when Volkmar started working with us, the progress has been excellent and we’re now on course to build a truly great company. From my perspective, Volkmar taught us all to be serious about our business in an enjoyable and rewarding way.

I recommend Volkmar to anyone who wants to be more successful and who is ready to face himself."

– Manfred Thomi, CEO Infraxis AG

“Volkmar led our organization through a highly energized and well organized day, using proven tools Winning Teams use every single day to keep their focus and to change their mindset to winning attitudes. We had fun as a team and we have gone on to implement new programs that reinforce successful attitudes at Rising Tide."

— Shawn Stephenson, Chairman at Rising Tide Foundation Group

“At Amadeus Germany, I’m responsible for about 80 employees spanning over two hierarchy levels. As my personal coach, Volkmar Völzke worked with me for about 12 months. During this time, I could, with his help, uncover not only important personal thought patterns – which I wasn’t aware of – but also change decisive behaviours sustainably. Consequently, my productivity improved, my capability to delegate grew substantially, and my personal quality of life increased to a new level. Briefly, my influence and the quality of my work improved while my work time and stress decreased.

In particular, I was impressed by Volkmar’s capability to uncover my subconscious levers for my true potential and to provide me with concrete methods and tools that I could directly put into practice. Volkmar closes the chasm between psychology and business, so that, at the same time, the individual and the entire team benefits.

I recommend Volkmar to all leaders who not only want to achieve more in their career sustainably, but also aim at improving the quality of their life and the effectiveness of their leadership."

— Uta Martens, former Head of Sales, Amadeus Germany GmbH

“Mr. Völzke from New Pace was at my side during a decisive phase of our strategy process and gave me very valuable suggestions, methods and questions. In particular, his forward driving, concretising and flexible way of working supported me strongly in my plans with konplan. We have made good progress with him.”

— Andy Tonazzi, CEO, konplan AG

“The clear focus on strategic goals was key for the extraordinarily successful workshop with New Pace Consulting. As a result, LGT created the foundation for its sound business strategy within shortest time.”

— Bruno Piller, Head of Business Division Switzerland, LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG

“If you want to achieve quick and sustainable results and want to lift your business to a completely new success level then you should work with Volkmar. When he was in my global team, I was impressed by his fast pace for change and his commitment to success. He left SAP to set up his own consultancy to support businesses that aim at more than mediocre results. I highly recommend you benefit from his expertise, proven methods and his drive.”

— Rainer Stern, Global Vice President, SAP Sales Acceleration and Leadership Programs, SAP

“Volkmar Völzke accompanied me as a leadership coach for several months to become professionally even more successful. In regular conversations, he showed me my potential mercilessly and successfully accompanied me to activate the not yet unleashed part. Volkmar has always been perfectly prepared for the discussions and was always available to me spontaneously as a sparring partner to overcome complex challenges.

What I particularly like about his work is that Volkmar works without exception very goal- and success-oriented: Working together has always focused on concrete objectives that I wanted to achieve. With regard to the chosen path and means Volkmar relentlessly held the mirror in front of me. The collaboration has given me a set of tools that accompany me every day and help me to always exceed my goals.

If you too would like to become more successful in achieving your own goals, I can warmly recommend a cooperation with Volkmar Völzke. It's worth it.”

— Mischa Stamm, former Head of Personal Health, Member of the Board, Swisscom Health AG

“Allow me to congratulate you on pulling together a tight and logical journey from aspiration to practical implementation. Great job!”

— Christina Bregy, Chair of International Board of Trustees, Medair

“We have engaged Mr. Völzke as trainer and moderator for the annual workshop with more than 30 executives of our company on the topic "Making effective decisions". The contents conveyed by him were apt, surprising and impressive. Through the many interactive exercises we were able to apply the learned aspects directly. I can recommend Mr. Völzke to any company that wants to learn the basics of decision-making effectively.”

— Stephan Marty, CEO, ewl energie wasser luzern

“In New Pace we have found a strong, reliable and highly professional partner who approaches issues comprehensively, always sets clear objectives, and keeps the organizational strategy in focus.”

— J. Esser, CEO, Ecolistec AG

“Volkmar Völzke from New Pace Consulting was from the start a reliable partner that has always focused on achieving sustainable results. The high level of professionalism on strategy, process management, and project management has always impressed me. Even in the extremely dynamic environment with changing contact persons, Volkmar could achieve quick results.

I can entirely recommend Volkmar to all organizations that want to implement their strategy consistently and successfully.”

— Thomas Hegg, former Chief Financial Officer, Air-On

“Volkmar is the person you need when facing complexity, short deadlines and need for an external push/drive to help you move things and brains forward. He is dedicated, energetic and highly committed to help you with all his stamina, intuition, experience and leadership. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who dares to be confronted and helped in the same time!"

— Yves Claude Aubert, Independent Board Member & Advisor

“We are absolutely impressed by the outcome of the work with you. Not only did we clarify our processes, but we also gained numerous insights for improvements on the short and long term and have built a basis for successful knowledge transfer.

The workshops were highly effective, engaging and stimulating at the same time. You managed to motivate participants with no prior knowledge in this field and incorporate everyone’s contributions."

— Pascal U., former President, Forum EPFL

“I want to express my personal appreciation for the leadership and insight that you brought to our strategic process. I feel that we are on the road to very good changes as we implement this new strategy. It was great to work with you in this process.”

— John Rigstad, former Director of Information Services, Medair

“I had the opportunity to interact with Volkmar while on a global business process alignment project. Volkmar was a thoughtful, practical leader with the right approach to gaining insight from various team members and rolling out much needed improvements.”

— Neha Modha, former Senior Manager, Business Operations, SAP

“We are thrilled how you orchestrate and structure the project.”

— Tony Pante, Global Vice President, SAP

“In a lecture of 90 minutes Mr. Völzke was able to open our eyes again, in order to create a more conscious professional and private life. The well-balanced nature of inputs, exercises and meetings has contributed a lot to giving the participants supportive opportunities on their way.”

— Sandro Mannino, Regional Head, SWICA Krankenversicherung AG

“Thank you for your dedication at the ewl leadership offsite event. You have highlighted exciting and extremely relevant aspects of our business in connection with decision making. The whole performance was a very lively presentation with practical examples. I particularly liked the comparison "Selling/deciding". I would be happy to recommend you to all management teams who want to improve their effectiveness by making better decisions.”

— Rolf Samer, Member of the Executive Board, ewl energie wasser luzern

“The decisive factor in the decision to work with Mr. Völzke was that he does not work on an hourly basis, but rather works with us to achieve measurable results.”

— Dr. Stephan Ott, former Head of R+D, Huber+Suhner

“In his only 90-minute impulse workshop Mr. Völzke was able to impart a multitude of new insights and directly applicable methods to us. We have learned so much about leadership and success that we will have enough tools for the coming months to achieve more every day and to break new ground for more success. I personally think it is enormous how much content Mr Völzke provided in this short time.”

— Beat Buri, Head of Region Bern/Mittelland, LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG

“Volkmar is a very attentive and focused business coach who successfully hosted us in a leadership workshop on future challenges. Through the meticulous preparation in individual interviews and the downstream coaching sessions we could take maximum advantage. His great experience and methodological process are extremely useful for the efficient development of our company. After that, we were able to successfully start further initiatives in the direction of a "winning team". We will be glad to work with Volkmar again.”

— Martin Ryser, Member of the Executive Board, GIA Informatik AG

“I have engaged Volkmar not only twice to perform workshops with about 30 members of the top management, but above all to sensitize the participants to best practices in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction without neglecting the company's profitability goals.

Volkmar took his commitment very seriously by interviewing the participants individually before the workshops in order to gain a precise understanding of the culture and needs. During the two seminars he was able to build on his vast experience and demonstrated with simple and pragmatic exercises that it is possible to significantly increase customer satisfaction. He was not satisfied with just the theory.

Volkmar is a dynamic and convincing personality, and we saw time fly by. At the end of the two workshops, all participants were enriched with important knowledge and tools that allow them to better achieve their goals.

I can only recommend Volkmar to all those who intend to hold an effective and motivating seminar on change and the change of behaviour and working methods.”

— Alain Flückiger, former General Manager, CSS Insurance

“Volkmar delivered an outstanding workshop on Personal Productivity to the Executives International business networking group in Lausanne. The promise was 'How to double your results – in half of the time' and he more than delivered on it. His presentation was very engaging and he allowed for a good deal of interaction amongst the full house of participants. Volkmar shared a range of tools and techniques that everyone could easily apply in their professional as well as their personal lives, starting immediately! I hope he has the opportunity to repeat this presentation and share its value with more people in business.”

— Simon Hardy, President at Executives International

“Volkmar has the best strategic and analytical mind of anyone I have worked with. He has a tremendous strength to see past surface problems and understand what is driving an organisation.

Many people can spot a problem, but Volkmar has a great ability to design and deliver working solutions to the things he sees.

It is always a great learning experience working with him.”

— Bill Morrison, Partner, Sandler Training (Switzerland)

“Volkmar is an excellent coach and trainer. He says what's going on without anyone on the team losing face. As a result, we were able to solve the real problems. When you talk to Volkmar, you notice that he brings with him a lot of experience and helps you to take the necessary steps to bring about positive changes. His workshops have increased the performance of the management team enormously.”

— Oliver Stutz, former Head of Professional Services, Infraxis AG

“I am President of the International Financial Management Association (IFMA) in Geneva. Volkmar presented to IFMA in February 2017 on the subject "How we all sabotage our success - and what to do about it!". His presentation was thought provoking and insightful, delivered with energy and humour but also with modesty, and I believe that everyone in the room was engaged and found Volkmar's messages incredibly useful. Volkmar clearly has the experience and skill to help us deliver on his key messages and I would encourage you to engage him to do so.”

— John Campbell, President,  International Financial Management Association (IFMA)

“I had the pleasure to work with Volkmar when he helped our management team bring focus and structure to our strategic development plan and facilitate our team work dynamics. Volkmar brought well a organized, well structured yet dynamic approach that helped lead to some some very positive results. His work was well received across the management team.”

— Sean Lund, former CFO, SITA OnAir

“For our past Offsite in March, we were looking for a strong partner to facillitate the topic "Scaling up Excellence" to engage our diverse group of top talent. Rising Tide is conducting strategic Offsites with our talent base on an bi-annual basis. We were looking to engage a strong partner to help us in offering our demanding talent base an innovative learning opportunity. At the same time, we were seeking to create organizational momentum and increase our own capabilities by making the transition from learning (input-basis) to performance (output-basis) swiftly.The partnership with Volkmar Völtzke did exceed our expectations. He is sharp and innovative in his approach while balancing and adapting to the unique cutomer environment. Volkmar's partnership with us delivered a great impact on our culture and mindset, which we were able to transform by continous focus in the meanwhile thanks to the great partnership with Volkmar.”

— Aleksandra Orman-Lopez, former Group HR Head, Rising Tide Foundation

“Volkmar worked with the Infraxis leadership team over the course of six months, working with us to define and realise our strategy to achieve the next stage of company development and growth.

His workshops were always inspiring, well prepared, very interactive, and really have brought the results we wanted to achieve.

You need to be open, willing to confront realities, and ready to commit to everything you discuss - do that, and you will achieve your goals in the workshops.

With Volkmar's guidance, good humour and honest advice, the sessions are enjoyable as well as challenging."

— Dan Graf, Head of Product Development, Infraxis AG

“Volkmar's action orientated approach to work, and commitment to delivering the best for the business is supported by excellent technical skills and experience. I would work with him again.”

— Peter Holloway, former Head of HR, Medair

“I had the pleasure to work with Volkmar for three years. He has excellent knowledge and experience in the area of process and project management, combined with huge insight and understanding of controlling aspects. Volkmar is one of those people you find very seldom, who have an outstanding competence to think analytically, abstractly and drive conceptual thinking and on the same level combine this with high interpersonal competence in terms of team-orientation and in guiding and inspiring others in a highly positive manner. Additionally he has senior communication competence through all levels of an organization including presentation skills. In my experience Volkmar is highly determined and committed, reliable, flexible and takes initiative on his own. As a summary, one of my direct reports with very high performance and potential.”

— Claus Breede, Global Vice President Learning2GO, SAP

“It has been a privilege to work with Volkmar the last six months on a global program within SAP.

I was impressed by Volkmar´s profound process and project management skills, along with his clear understanding of the needs and goals of our business. His enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment to deliver are a winning combination.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Volkmar again!”

— Kristoffer Båsk, Head of Operations - Global Consumer Industries, SAP