How to build a High Performance Culture

The advanced online training course for CEOs and business leaders to build a lasting high-performance culture.

Have you ever struggled to get the best out of your team?

Did you ever wish your team or entire organization would perform at a consistently higher performance level? Do you sometimes ask yourself why some teams and businesses constantly outperform, while others stay on rather mediocre levels?

The good news is the transformation of almost any team to a lasting high-performance team is possible.

What is needed is building a High-Performance Culture.

This advanced video course gives you the needed knowledge, methods, and tools you need to transform any team or organization into a high-performing one.


There has been significant progress in the field of high-performance psychology and its key drivers over the last ten years. The issue for most business executives is simply that most of them hardly take the time to study these new principles and apply them to their business. Most managers basically manage their businesses in the same manner that was used many years ago.

The good news: It is never too late to make a substantial leap in terms of leadership and apply new rules to your business.

In this video course, we will not only outline the key drivers for the success of today's most successful businesses, but we will also explain, in detail, the key actions that you as a leader can take to implement a sustained high-performance culture in your organization.

We will base our suggestions on a powerful framework that you can apply immediately after this video course in your area of responsibility. But it doesn't end there: We will also discuss the key traps that can ruin your best efforts if you are not aware of them. We know that many attendees will be overwhelmed by their daily tasks when they get back to work after the video course. This is why we will also recommend key action steps that you can apply within the next few hours and days.

In short, you get a toolbox that is rooted in the latest knowledge of high-performance psychology, behaviors, and processes, and is backed by years of practical experience within this field. 

Why is this important? 

As a CEO, business unit head, or any leader, you can certainly agree that personal and organizational performance is a key driver to any success. High performance does not only result in higher growth rates and increased profitability; it also leads to lower risk, less stress, and creates a more joyful workplace for most of the people within your organization.

You should purchase this video course if you want to learn about the needle movers for increasing the performance of your business not only incrementally–there are numerous programs out there to achieve this–but to lift your organizational performance to a whole new level.

This video course is not for people who are completely satisfied with the status quo or those who believe there is a shortcut to success. This is also not for those who only believe in huge projects and life-long programs to achieve higher productivity.

However, this video course is for those business leaders who can imagine that there is a new paradigm for high performance that creates significant results by focusing on a few decisive levers for sustained behavioral change. Companies that apply this new paradigm double the productivity of their staff and delight customers and their employees at the same time.

The investment in this video course can easily pay off a hundred times or more over the next few months. This is the right time to escape mediocrity and implement a sustained high-performance culture for your area of responsibility and beyond. 

Areas covered in this course:

  • The challenges of today's leaders and why many are not even aware of them
  • The psychology of high performance and why all leaders should care-not only those in business
  • The key barriers for changing any corporate culture and how to overcome them
  • The six key drivers for any personal success and why it is essential to address them
  • The 3 x 3 framework for achieving sustained high performance in your organization
  • How to change behaviors and work routines in a manner easier than you may have expected
  • Over 20 actions that you can take right away to get your organization and your people moving
  • The concept of escape velocity and why your changes will fail if you ignore it
  • The most common traps on your way to peak performance and how to avoid them
  • The five steps that you can begin in the next few hours and days

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