Yes, consulting can be highly effective: With Volkmar Voelzke's clearly structured packages and projects, you can achieve measurable results at a high pace – at a fixed price.


Do you want to achieve significant improvement in a specific area of ​​your business?

Maybe you are struggling with declining sales. Or your team does not always show full commitment. Or you lack clarity and ambition in your business strategy. Or larger market shares could be gained through better customer focus. Or leadership is not outstanding at all levels.

Whatever your exact challenges and goals, Volkmar Völzke's consulting packages will give you targeted support where you benefit the most.

The focus is always on clearly measurable results. You decide with Mr. Völzke in advance what you want to achieve and how you can measure it. Only then does the support start for a fixed price.

As described in his book "Business Fitness: 'out of mediocrity!” (only in German), the main aim is to achieve sustainable improvements. As a result, you will operate permanently at a higher level of success, even after Mr Voelzke is no longer with you. See him as a (corporate) fitness coach, who not only helps you achieve higher levels of performance, but also gives you the tools and methods to stay there permanently.

What makes Volkmar Voelzke special?

He has neither reinvented the wheel nor does he promise you “heaven on earth”. Instead, what you get with him is this (at least that's what his customers say):

  1. Challenge. Most business leaders do not need someone to explain methods to them, but to hold up the mirror and challenge them in their thoughts and actions. Mr. Voelzke provokes and challenges you and your teams to get out of the comfort zone.
  2. Systems. With Mr. Voelzke, you have someone at your side who leads you systematically, step by step, to new levels of success. These systems generated proven results in many consulting projects.
  3. Momentum. Most change projects are far too slow and have to be pushed constantly to move ahead. Very difficult! Mr. Voelzke does everything to ensure you generate and maintain high momentum.
  4. Experience and knowledge. Yes, it helps that, in over 25 years, he has seen almost everything in companies and has participated in many endeavors, in a wide range of company sizes, industries, and countries. There are only a few consultants who spend an average of 1-2 hours each day on their own education and training. As a customer, you benefit from the world's latest and best knowledge and methods.
  5. Enthusiasm. Yes, we all achieve much more when we are having fun with it. You’ll feel this passion in almost every interaction with Volkmar Voelzke. His energy is contagious (say his customers).


Would you like to explore the potential of Volkmar's support? Simply click on the button and request an Exploration Session. After that you will know more!