How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

Hosted by Volkmar Voelzke, success maximiser for ambitious business leaders, book author at SpringerGabler, expert author for business magazines, mentor, and business coach.


Create A Winning Mindset

The crucial mindset and behaviours to get you and your team substantially ahead in 2018

Generate Unstoppable Momentum

How to build and secure your leading edge - in marketing, sales and productivity

Avoid Traps Along The Way

How to avoid the typical traps that cause failure of many strategies and plans

Create And Secure Your Leading Edge For 2018

For many people, teams and businesses, the first quarter is already over when they realize that they are doing hardly better than last year. You can do better!

The most successful individuals, teams and businesses secure their pole position in the first quarter of the year. How? By underpinning ambitious plans with the right mindset, building a strong momentum, and avoiding the typical traps.

For this special online workshop, I distill the best insights from my 8 years of successful business coaching, 20 years of international career at companies like Siemens and SAP, as well as the latest insights from success psychology.

Get directly applicable ideas and tools to make 2018 the most outstanding year of your life - for yourself, your team, and your business. Outside of this unique online workshop, I only give such needle moving ideas and tools to my personal coaching and consulting clients.

See you in the workshop!
Volkmar Voelzke

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