Most companies only tap a fraction of their market potential. What is needed is a'customer focus culture' and success systems for marketing, sales and customer service.



Are you CEO or sales manager and want to take your sales team to a new level - and quickly? If so, Sales Team Power Coaching is the right choice for you.

The best companies in the world are outstanding in marketing, sales, and customer focus.

The dimension "Marketing, Sales & Customer Focus" is one of the three decisive dimensions of success, besides "Strategy & Shaping the Future" and "Winning Team Culture".

There is no way out: A successful business always needs effective marketing and sales. The more effective your sales, the more successful – and sustainable – your business.

The sales success is based, to a large extent, on a strong positioning, excellent marketing, and outstanding customer focus. All this increases the number of new customers, the frequency of repeat transactions, and the value of the transactions.

Yes, on a high level, it’s that easy!

But this is where the difficulties of most companies begin: They lack clear success systems for marketing, sales, and customer focus.

And precisely such success systems are the focus when Volkmar works with his customers.

The results for your company or business unit are:

  • You sharpen the positioning in the market, so more potential customers are irresistibly attracted.
  • You increase the effectiveness of marketing and make marketing success measurable.
  • You optimize the structures and methods for highly effective sales.
  • You improve the mindset of the sales team (often a huge topic!).
  • Volkmar educates and trains the sales team in the latest and most effective sales methods, customized to your business and market.
  • You implement a lean and highly effective sales controlling, which not only measures the important key figures, but also allows reliable forecasts.
  • You increase customer loyalty, so customers will want to buy more frequently.
  • and much more.

The effects of these changes are easy to determine:

  • Sustainably more sales and market share
  • Sustainably higher profitability
  • More enthusiasm in the sales team
  • Improved positioning of your company in the market
  • Greater resilience in crises

Yes, I want to exploit our full market potential!

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