People, teams, and companies with high levels of inspiration and excellent work routines are not only more productive than the average, but also more innovative and less prone to crises.


When will you finally unleash the full potential of your people?

The dimension "winning team culture & leadership" is one of the three decisive dimensions of success, besides "strategy & shaping the future" and "marketing, sales & customer focus".

It's remarkable: Winners and winning teams are not just "a little better" but often outperform their peers by dimensions. They often create ten times as many results - repeatedly.

Just remember when you last pursued a goal that was extremely important to you (often in your private life) with full motivation and energy. You know you have achieved at least 10 times as much in less time compared to the processing of normal tasks.

This is not different in any business: Those who are more successful than the average do not necessarily have better products or customers but a "winning team culture".

What determines such a culture? Seven characteristics:

  • Winning mindset. Winners have a different mindset than the average. They have a more positive attitude towards success, take more responsibility, and make better decisions.
  • Winning behavior. Winners are different in their daily work than the average. They are more customer-oriented, reliable, and faster, beside other positive behaviors.
  • Winning working routines. Winning teams have more effective and efficient processes. They continually optimize themselves, without waiting for instructions.
  • Winning leadership. Winning teams must be managed differently than average teams. And vice versa: Mediocre leadership can turn a winning into a losing team.
  • Ambition. Winning teams are ambitious. They believe in themselves and want to achieve more than the average.
  • Enjoyment. Winning teams have more fun, joy, and fulfillment at work and beyond. Remember: "Burnout" never comes from winning, but from unfulfilled expectations.
  • Customer focus. Winning teams are always customer-oriented. They want to bring benefits to others and know they can do better if they "play at the very front".

Now ask yourself, to what extent is your team a true winning team?

You can systematically unleash the full potential of your team. Volkmar Voelzke uses the best and most effective methods in his workshops, consulting, and coaching. Essentially, it gets your people and your teams to recognize their potential and apply the methods and tools to climb to higher success levels.

The effects often are substantial:

  • Higher productivity
  • More enthusiasm
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Increased sales
  • Greater resilience in crises
  • Greater attraction to talent from the outside
  • and much more

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