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The summer slump myth


"I can't reach anybody in summer anyway!" 

"People are all on vacation anyway!" 

"In July and August, we can take things a little easier. In September we'll be taking off again!"

Do you sometimes hear such statements from your people (and from yourself)? Well, here comes another uncomfortable truth (you're used to that from me): the most prolific people never say such things. They step on the gas just when the others are relaxing.

"But you can't ignore the facts," I hear you say, "there really aren't many people in the office!"

Attention: You hear me, again and again, warning you about the myths that we constantly tell ourselves. Only this doesn't make them true!

Here are three ideas on how to deal with the so-called "summer slump":

  1. Mindset. Many "facts" only emerge in our minds if we say them long enough. If we keep telling ourselves that we can't reach a customer in the summer, for example, that's how it's going to be. Believe it or not, you produce the results you...
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And again, a World Cup!


Why is soccer so popular in many parts of the world? Here are three ideas and one conclusion for your business or team:

  1. Strong identification. In principle, anyone can play or at least imagine playing soccer. That's why everyone can sympathize if something works or not.
  2. Fighting spirit. At least in good games, we feel the fighting spirit of the team and the will to win. In good teams, there is no discussion about fighting for victory.
  3. Clear goals and simple rules. Every player on the field and every spectator knows the simple rules (except the offside rule perhaps) and above all the clear goals: Whoever has more goals after 90 minutes wins.

So, now the question: How good is your team or company in each of the three success factors?

First, do you offer your team members and customers a strong sense of identification? Do you make your products or services simply "experienceable"? 

Second, does your team have the fighting spirit to win? Do all members have the corresponding...

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Right now!


At the moment, many companies are running like clockwork: Sales are growing, production and delivery capacities are running at full speed, and the outlook for this year at least is very good.

And this is precisely the trap for sustainable success maximization: This good situation is largely caused by external influences, at least in most companies. This means that these companies are going down just as quickly as demand is dropping.

Here is the recipe for success of sustainably outstanding companies and teams: they invest in their strategies and tactics to maximize success exactly when no one really needs it and no one has time for it. That's why they keep on rising even when the others are shrinking.

Here are three topics you should invest in, especially when things are going well: 

  1. Sales. "I sell more than we can deliver," I often hear from salespeople in booming times. However, as soon as things get worse, they usually sell less "than we can deliver". Therefore: invest in...
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The power of videos


Today is a somewhat unusual post: You get access to over 40 short videos to increase your success, for free!

That's what it's all about: My new YouTube channel is live, with over 40 videos right from the start. Click here to subscribe to the channel.

Why are videos important?

Well, I keep recommending to my clients the increased use of personal videos (with them in front of the camera) for internal and external communication, mainly for three reasons:

  1. Clarity. If you want to communicate a message to others via video, you must first be clear about what should stick with the viewer. "What are my three learning points?" could be your question before the recording, for example. My recommendation: record videos with your smartphone, even if you don't use them afterward. It forces you to organize your thoughts.
  2. Conveying emotions. The only thing that motivates people to act is emotions. There is no better medium than video (besides the live performance of course). When you record...
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My new YouTube channel is live!

marketing & sales Apr 30, 2018

Hey, that makes me a little proud:

After weeks of preparatory work it is done! My new YouTube channel is live:

And right from the start, you will find almost 40 videos, freely accessible.

Here is my suggestion to maximize your benefit:

  1. Go to the channel and click on "Subscribe".
  2. Forward the link to friends and colleagues.
  3. Apply the content and comment on the channel.

I look forward to seeing you on YouTube!

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This is how everyone learns to sell


Do you want to boost your sales without such dubious measures like price discounts? Then invest in your company's sales skills. 

Most of the organizations I see operate in sales at perhaps 50 percent of their potential, with many even being far below. 

The reason is often that management doesn't see (or want to believe) the connection between sales skills and success. Most B2B sales people know more about the technology of their products than how to communicate their value to their customers. Change that! 

Here are three ideas on how you can immediately increase your team's sales success: 

  1. Train copywriting, i. e. the ability to write and communicate convincing texts. There's a difference between saying,"Our product is based on 10 years of research" and "Our customers use our product to cut costs by an average of 20 percent". Just as example.
  2. Learn the importance of numbers. Every salesperson must know "his or her own figures" at all times, e. g. a number...
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How to immediately sell more

Do you believe that you or your company could sell more? 

Let’s suppose, as a manager, you would have top sellers, equipped with optimal sales methods and a winning sales mindset, as well as excellent leadership: how much more could you sell? 10%, 20%, 50%? More? 

For most companies, sales and profit could be dramatically increased by some simple sales optimization measures.

The problem: Most leaders look at the wrong symptoms and pull the wrong triggers. 

My latest article in the Swiss SME magazine ORGANISATOR (in German) explains the three main barriers to greater sales success with practical tips on what you can do right away in the coming months to see substantial improvements to your “top and bottom line “ – sustainably. 

You can either request the article as pdf in German by clicking here or get the key points explained right below: 

Sales success barrier #1: No winning mindset.

A lack of winning mindset is a key issue in most...

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You could at least double your sales!


Yes, I know this headline sounds cheeky, and yet, I believe it is true for almost all businesses. When I make such statements to my clients, the reaction is almost always two-fold: First, they don’t believe that it’s possible. And second, when they start thinking that it might be possible then only with the help of external circumstances, lots of resources, or sheer luck. 

Why are most of us so sure that our limiting beliefs are truer than an outrageous assumption? 

Simple answer: because we are accustomed to limited thinking.This – as explained often in my blog articles – is a survival instinct, deeply rooted in our subconscious mind. One of the key reasons for coaching is to break these limiting beliefs, which are virtually always nothing but… beliefs! 

Let me challenge you today by the introductory question and give you 3 key ideas of how you can double your sales in almost any market, with almost any product, and with keeping the...

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